Discipleship Opportunities:
We believe that Jesus does not just call us to make new believers; Jesus wants us to make new disciples. Discipleship is assisting in the spiritual development and growth of others and allowing them to build their own personal relationship with Christ Jesus; reading and being in the word of our Lord (Bible), seeking to hear and listen to God, doing good works in Christ’s name, and remembering to do these things daily. We hope to achieve this through intentional fellowship and simply living together as Christians.

Our Sunday morning Sunday School classes have a teaching based learning style where students learn Biblical stories and ideas taken directly from Scripture. They dive into Scripture and try to unravel what the text is saying to them and what it means for their lives.

Our Sunday night program has a doing based learning style where the youth complete certain activities that connect to the Scriptural message. It may be building a house of cards, taking a pie in the face, falling off a four foot box, shouting at one another, being blindfolded, or blowing the biggest bubble. No matter the task, we try to add a little activity to the lesson.

Our Wednesday night program is a lecture/questioning based learning style where the youth read Scripture and are challenged to put into words what the text asking them to do at this point in their lives. Here we challenge the youth to come to their own conclusions and live out the life God intended us to live.

Contact LCC’s Youth Minster Alex Matthews youthpastor@leeschapelofwb.church for more information on how you can join in the youth activities.